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Our team has consultants based in several Australian states including Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. We also operate in Western Australia and Tasmania. 

Our clients vary in size from small private healthcare practices such as local GPs to large government healthcare precincts, not-for-profit organisations and corporate healthcare operators.

Many of our projects have come to us as referrals from the financial and lending sectors or industry bodies such as:

Professional bodies:

  •  AMA Victoria:  we are now a corporate partner with AMA Victoria with our five business units supporting its membership enquiries 

Lending sector:

  • BOQ Specialist: we support the Bank of Queensland specialist division which tailor it services to individual specialist requirements for example buying or selling a practice
  • St George Healthcare:  we work with St George Healthcare in helping them and their clients to reach their best potential
  • Medfin: we work with the Medfin team and their clients to find the right property, investment, or clincial practice solutions 
  • Nab Health: we assist Nab Health clients to research and analysis the risks and potential of their healthcare project or development
  • Westpac Healthcare:  we support Westpac Healthcare with its advice to the three professional areas of medical practitioners and veterinarians, pharmacists and dentists.

Accountancy firms:

  • Cutcher and Neale: we assist this Newcastle based accountancy and financial services firm through its specialist medical services unit
  • Bongiorno & Partners fp pty ltd: we aid clients of this leading financial services organisation for medical professionals 
  • Ecovis Clarke Jacobs: is an independent firm of accountants that focusses on the medical and dental professions. 
  • William Buck is a longstanding firm of chartered accountants and advisors. We assist them with their intergrated services for health professionals 


We are a unique business that consults in multiple disciplines within the healthcare sector. We provide integrated services to assist our clients from concept to completion.

We provide clients with support at any stage in a property development or business cycle, anywhere in Australia.

Our professional expertise covers research, capital transactions, clinical business consultancy, property consulting - which includes property development and project management, communications and marketing.

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The Health Project Services  head office is located at:

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