research is a solid foundation

Whether your plans are large or small, doing your research is a key to success at every stage of a healthcare project.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering research that can:

  • Save you time and money
  • Reduce risk and identify challenges and opportunities
  • Find the optimal location for your business
  • Support finance, purchase or lease negotiations
  • Provide data to support your business and marketing strategies
  • Plan for future growth.


If you’re looking to identify strategic opportunities, our research expertise extends to state and regional planning including:

  • Macro-level analysis – broaden your scope and investigate a whole region, or a particular state, to identify new growth areas
  • Macro-demographic analysis - identify areas of opportunity based on your demographic criteria
  • Identification of growth corridors - know where the new communities may be established
  • Population projections - depending on your business specialty determine the age profile.



Our detailed suburb profiling reports are tailored to your own goals, and cover all areas of healthcare property development, including:

  • Suburb comparison – compare various locations to find the right suburb for your business before searching for a property
  • Competitor analysis – get to know the local competition, the services they provide and their strengths and weaknesses 
  • Demographics – get an understanding of the local population and who your present and future patients will be, including age, sex, and background
  • Local property market – buy / rent comparisons, learn about rental rates, average sale prices and yields to help negotiate a favourable property deal 
  • Local planning controls and infrastructure – discover which streets and areas are suitable for your business so you start looking in the right place 
  • State and regional strategic plans – understand how different suburbs will change over time, and the major infrastructure and development projects that will have a future impact.



We are a unique business that consults in multiple disciplines within the healthcare sector. We provide integrated services to assist our clients from concept to completion.

We provide clients with support at any stage in a property development or business cycle, anywhere in Australia.

Our professional expertise covers research, capital transactions, business services, property services- which includes property development and project management, communications and marketing.

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