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Health Project Services
Health Project Services
Navigating Excellence: Unleashing Potential
in Australian Healthcare
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Business Management / Operational Consultants
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Managing Delivery Excellence: Advancing
Healthcare Through Tailored Property Solutions
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HPS Capital Partners
Capital for Change: Driving Healthcare
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Letter to Business Owners or Operators

Dear Business Owner, 

Much like the unpredictable weather in Melbourne, the healthcare industry has its bouts of ups and downs.

It’s scorching with competition, and the pressure can suffocate.

And let’s not forget recruitment, a major challenge!!

Honestly, we’d rather perform a colonoscopy on ourselves than navigate this complex world alone.

But this dialogue isn’t about our discomfort… It’s pivoting the lens back on you.

Because if you’ve made it this far, it’s clear – you want something different for your business.

You crave that elusive work-life balance that doesn’t involve choosing between consulting and a coastal getaway.

You envision a thriving business with seamless processes, a loyal patient base, financial prosperity, and dare we dream, the chance to clock off while the sun is still up for an evening with friends or family.

A seamless integration of life and work where you can provide exemplary care and still have time for a round of golf on a Tuesday.

So, how do we get you there? Click to Start Now

Dean Crozier
Managing Director

Our Clients

    Our Commitment

    At Health Project Services, our commitment is clear and uncompromising: We empower healthcare practitioners in Australia to excel. By simplifying your practice management, streamlining your operations, amplifying your patient engagement, and supporting the needs of your business with our property services, we free you to focus on what you do best—providing outstanding patient care.

    Our comprehensive suite of services now includes tailored property solutions designed to elevate your practice or facility’s physical presence. From optimising your current space to facilitating expansions or new builds, our property services ensure your infrastructure aligns with your operational needs, reflecting the quality and professionalism of your healthcare services.

    Our targeted expertise in practice management, operations, patient engagement, and property services evolves your practice or facility, ensuring sustainability, growth, and a balanced professional life. Whether it’s through operational excellence or state-of-the-art facilities, we’re here to support every aspect of your healthcare practice.

    Your mission is our commitment. Your success, our guarantee. With Health Project Services, you gain a partner dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the needs of your practice and patients, ensuring a thriving, sustainable future in healthcare.

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    Our Partners

      Our Vision

      Our Vision is to be the most trusted health advisory company in Australia, valued by our doctors, operators, industry partners and investors.

      Our Mission

      To provide quality guidance and support, through collaboration, to those who provide and care for our communities.

      We Care

      We care about organisations and the people that serve communities.

      • Lead:
        We lead with conviction, knowledge and care.

      • Focus:
        well-defined deliverables that save time and money.

      • Collaboration & Accountability:
        Through collaboration, we win when you win
      • Transparency:
        The only way we work with our clients, partners and investors
      • Impact:

        Always seeking to improve -Social, Environmental and Equality.

      What Our Clients Say