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HPS Capital Partners

HPS Capital Partners is a ‘Wholesale Funds Management” business that stands at the intersection of finance and healthcare innovation, serving as the essential investment branch in close collaboration with Health Project Services (HPS) and its esteemed clientele. This partnership unites HPS’s extensive management consultancy knowledge with our deep investment expertise, which aims to discover and foster promising healthcare enterprises and property ventures throughout Australia.

Our ambition goes far beyond financial investment. At HPS Capital Partners, we are committed to redefining the healthcare industry through thoughtful capital investment. Our investment strategy, crafted in tandem with HPS, is meticulously crafted and grounded in thorough sector insights and proficiency. This powerful synergy uncovers distinctive investment opportunities and ensures our new investments receive exceptional management support and advisement, promoting their expansion and operational superiority.

Dedicated to propelling the healthcare industry forward, HPS Capital Partners utilises its distinct knowledge base and expansive network to stimulate innovation, enhance patient care, and generate significant societal benefits. Our dedication to impact investing is driven by the conviction that capital can and should drive substantial, positive change, making healthcare services more reachable, effective, and beneficial for Australian communities.

Ultimately, HPS Capital Partners is founded on a dual pledge: seeking outstanding investment results while instigating beneficial changes in the healthcare environment. We are committed to building a healthier tomorrow for everyone in alliance with Health Project Services.

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HPS Hospital Fund

About Us

Welcome to HPS Capital Partners – Hospital Fund, a pioneering force within Australia’s health sector. Established with a vision to revolutionise impact investing in healthcare, we stand as a beacon of innovation for wholesale investors, specialists, doctors, and high-net-worth individuals seeking meaningful investment opportunities.

At HPS Hospital Fund, we are more than just an investment platform; we are active health impact investors committed to facilitating sustainable growth and positive outcomes in the healthcare industry. Through joint ventures, transitional buyouts, and direct acquisitions, we specialise in harnessing the potential of day, short-stay, and private hospitals across Australia.

Our Unique Investment Platform

Our platform is uniquely designed to unite the medical community with the investment world, offering a seamless investment experience. By prioritising doctors’ investments, we acknowledge their critical role in generating revenue and enhancing business performance. Our approach allows these professionals to contribute to and benefit from the business’s success without the burden of active management.

The HPS Difference

What sets us apart is our commitment to impact investment. We understand that investment goes beyond financial returns; it’s about creating lasting impacts that resonate throughout the healthcare sector. Our management team, boasting extensive operational experience and a proven track record in business turnaround, ensures that each investment thrives financially and contributes positively to healthcare outcomes.

The symbiotic relationship between our investors and the businesses they support is at the heart of our success. For doctors and specialists, it’s an opportunity to grow their wealth passively while contributing to the industry’s evolution. For external investors, the participation of medical professionals can help mitigate financial risks, providing a solid foundation for investment.

Building a Better Future

Supported by the HPS Property Fund, we offer the necessary infrastructure for businesses ready to expand, ensuring a seamless growth pathway. This strategic integration reinforces our plan to be a national leader in investment management, business operations, and financial management within Australia’s healthcare sector.

Join us at HPS Capital Partners – Hospital Fund as we embark on this journey to redefine healthcare investment. Together, we can create a future where investments yield financial returns and foster a healthier, more vibrant community.

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HPS Medical Fund

About Us

Welcome to the Medical Fund, a visionary entity at the forefront of impact investing within the medical sector in Australia. Launched with the ambition to drive substantial and sustainable change, our fund is dedicated to empowering wholesale investors, medical professionals, and high-net-worth individuals with the opportunity to participate in investments that offer financial rewards and promote positive health impact outcomes.

Innovative Investment Solutions

The Medical Fund stands out by offering a specialised investment platform that bridges the gap between the medical community and the financial world. By leveraging the insights and engagements of medical professionals in our investment strategies, we create a unique ecosystem where investments are directly aligned with generating positive impacts in the medical field.

Our Focus on Primary Care

Our investment strategy focuses on primary care businesses, recognising their vital role in the healthcare ecosystem. We are committed to supporting the growth and development of primary care facilities in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia. This targeted approach ensures that our investments improve access to healthcare services, enhance patient care, and foster community health.

Our Commitment to Impact Investing

Our investment approach is guided by a deep commitment to making a difference. We believe in the power of capital to catalyse significant improvements in healthcare services, medical technology, and patient outcomes. With a seasoned management team that brings a wealth of experience in healthcare operations and financial management, the Medical Fund is uniquely positioned to lead transformative initiatives across the medical sector.

A Platform for Professionals

What distinguishes the Medical Fund is our focus on creating value for all stakeholders. For medical professionals, our platform offers a dual benefit: the chance to contribute to the growth and innovation of the healthcare industry while securing passive income streams through investment returns. This model not only incentivises investment from within the sector but also ensures that our projects are grounded in the expertise only medical professionals can provide.

Partnering for Progress

Our commitment extends beyond financial investment to include the support and development of medical businesses at every stage of their growth. In partnership with industry leaders and through strategic investments, we aim to foster a culture of innovation and excellence in healthcare.

Join Us

As we navigate the complexities of the medical sector, the Medical Fund invites you to join a movement that views investment as a tool for positive change. Whether you’re a medical professional, investor, or advocate for better healthcare, your partnership with us is a step towards a future where every investment can improve lives and enhance the well-being of communities across Australia.

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HPS Property Fund

About Us

Welcome to HPS Property Fund, a strategic cornerstone in Australia’s healthcare advancement foundation. Initiated to catalyse the growth of hospital and primary care businesses, our fund will provide the essential property infrastructure that healthcare providers require to expand and succeed.

Tailored Property Solutions

The importance of tailored property solutions in the intricate healthcare ecosystem cannot be overstated. HPS Property Fund specialises in offering property infrastructure meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare businesses. Our focus extends across metropolitan and regional Australia, ensuring that healthcare services can flourish in diverse communities.

Supporting the Health Sector

Our mission is twofold: to support healthcare businesses’ expansive growth and work in tandem with HPS Capital Partners – Hospital Fund and Medical Fund. By providing physical spaces where healthcare can thrive, we play a pivotal role in enhancing the accessibility and quality of healthcare services. Our investments in property infrastructure pave the way for the healthcare sector to meet the evolving needs of Australian communities.

A Foundation for Growth

HPS Property Fund is committed to being more than a provider of spaces; we are enablers of growth and innovation in healthcare. By aligning our investments with the strategic goals of the HPS Medical Fund and Hospital Fund, we ensure that our efforts are synergistic, maximising the impact of each investment in the health sector.

Our Approach to Impact Investing

We share a common vision with our partners in the HPS Medical Fund and Hospital Fund: to leverage our resources for the greater good of healthcare in Australia. Our approach to property investment is impact-driven, focusing on creating environments that enable healthcare providers to deliver superior care and services.

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As we continue to build the foundations upon which healthcare excellence stands, HPS Property Fund invites investors, healthcare professionals, and community partners to join us in our mission. Together, we can transform the healthcare landscape in Australia, ensuring that every investment in property goes beyond financial returns to generate meaningful, lasting impacts in the health sector.

HPS Capital Partners (HPSCP) Pty Limited CAN 661 536 509 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 001298927) of Hunt Prosperity Pty Ltd AFSL No. 504318