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Doing your homework

  • Posted: February 01, 2017

Get a successful outcome from your property choices with the RIGHT RESEARCH

Making an early start on research before you go ahead with a property lease or purchase saves time and money, now and in the future.

When it is time to make a significant investment in a property for your healthcare business, making the right decision relies on having current and accurate information about your chosen location.

“Research is the first step to a successful deal,” says Health Project Services CEO Dean Crozier. “Market conditions are constantly changing and through good research you can identify both risks and opportunities to ensure you are making wise choices for strong business outcomes and investment returns.”

Sector specific research is just one of the dedicated property and business consulting services Health Project Services (HPS) offer to the healthcare sector. As well as helping you find a suitable property in the right location, research can save you time, money and reduce your risk in a whole range of ways as you work towards establishing and growing your new business.

Negotiating your lease or purchase: having access to current information about the local property market puts you in a much stronger position when it comes to negotiating a property lease or acquisition.

Applying for funding: accurate, researched demographic data and competition analysis, provides confidence when applying for government and external grants.

Business planning and arranging finance: in depth and targeted research that has been specifically applied to your business will provide you with accurate information to develop your business model. It will also support your business case when seeking finance or investment for your property and business.

Marketing your business: by looking at critical factors that influence your local market, good research can help you understand how best to communicate with potential clients.

Investing in professional research will save you time, money and a lot of stress and reduce financial risk. The HPS research team can access the right information, quickly and effectively and deliver a tailored report in a simple format with all the data you need to enable you to make well-informed financial decisions.

Research for healthcare property

5 key topics to research before you lease or buy

Location: choosing the right location for a new healthcare premises depends on a whole range of factors. At HPS, our location research and analysis can target multiple suburbs and summarise the relative benefits and opportunities of each one.

Competition Analysis: our research will identify and report on any healthcare facilities in your target locations that could affect demand for your new business and services.

Planning: by sharing our detailed knowledge of planning laws and development approval processes throughout Australia, we can limit your risks so you can choose a property and be certain that it complies with planning requirements for the healthcare sector.

Property Market Overview: a detailed report on local property markets – including property values, occupancy, rental rates and type of properties available – gives you the information you need to find suitable properties in your target area and negotiate a fair lease arrangement or purchase price.

Demographics: to learn about your potential customers and the types of services they need, you will be looking for key statistics about local demographics including age, income, employment and future population growth.

Health Project Services can support your healthcare business goals with our practical, current and detailed research findings. 

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