HPS Outlook

HPS Outlook July 2021

Hunter Region Part 2

The Hunter region comprises Lower Hunter, Upper Hunter and MidCoast. The Local Government Areas (LGA’s) for each are summarised below. The Hunter Regional Plan 2036 provides a narrative for each...

HPS Outlook May 2021

Eastern City District Part 2

The Eastern City District will focus on improving performance and enhancing productivity of existing centres and health and education precincts to underpin growth through the district over the next...

HPS Outlook March 2021

Western City District Part 2

The Western City District seeks to maximise existing and planning infrastructure to improve connectivity and productivity across the region to underpin future growth and prosperity by 2036. The...

HPS Outlook January 2021

North District Part 2

The North District emphasises the value of Health and Education Precincts and Strategic Centres to support anticipated growth across the district by 2036. The region comprises the local government...

HPS Outlook November 2020

South District Part 2

The South District Plan has identified Collaboration Areas and Strategic Centres that will play a major part in the success of the region over the next two decades The South District...

HPS Outlook September 2020

Central City District

The Central City District will play an important role in achieving the goals within the over arching Greater Sydney Region Plan to support population and economic growth in the coming decades....

HPS Outlook June 2021

Hunter Region Part 1

Across Australia, the Hunter region is one of the largest regional economies, and the Hunter Regional Plan (HRP) 2036 outlines how growth will be supported and encouraged to realise goals by 2036....

HPS Outlook April 2021

Eastern City District Part 1

Over the next 20 years, the East City District Plan will support growth with infrastructure to improve the economic performance by increasing competitiveness. The plan aims to provide housing in...

HPS Outlook February 2021

Western City District Part 1

Over the next 20 years, Western City District will benefit from significant investment and government collaborations to provide infrastructure, education to underpin future economic growth and...

HPS Outlook December 2020

North District Part 1

Across the North District, growth will be focused on achieving three initiatives including supplyinghousing and infrastructure in the right locations, providing new employment opportunities...

HPS Outlook October 2020

South District Part 1

Over the next 20 years, the South District will adopt a collaborative approach to achieve a more cohesive outcome that balances growth and demand with support through infrastructure and investment...

HPS Outlook August 2020

Greater Sydney Greater Growth

Our philosophy focuses on using research to help make well informed business and property decisions that can be implemented today and safeguard for the future. The HPS Outlook newsletter will...


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