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Dean Crozier

Managing Director

Dean Crozier is Managing Director of Health Project Services (HPS) and HPS Capital Partners (HSPCP) an investment and advisory group of companies focusing on offering business and operational management support for the day, short stay and private hospital and general practice operators. Our unique expertise is in helping our clients maximise the efficiencies and performance of their front-line operations.

Our core knowledge is advising on and driving related business and real estate investment strategies.

With over a decade of experience in the hospital and primary health sectors, Dean has advised on government and public sector projects and large and small private ventures. Before focusing on the health sector, Dean was a successful property developer and builder spanning two decades, delivering projects for prominent Australian entities, including Westpac, St. George, and Bendigo Bank, as well as companies such as Stockland, AMP, and Westfield.

Dean’s extensive experience has been well-informed in navigating the challenges of economic cycles and significant international events such as the Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19. His learnings have profoundly influenced the framework underpinning how HSPCP and HPS deliver high-quality and profitable business and development projects for their clients and investors, within structures that also focus on protecting the investment and operational risks of those choosing to back them.

HSPCP and HPS boast a wealth of experience in assembling exceptional teams tailored to each business and project they undertake. Their collective capabilities are evident in their proven track record of successfully executing a range of complex projects.