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Vincent Borg

Senior Advisor

Vincent Borg is the Senior Advisor for Health Project Services Hospital Division and has been a senior Executive in the private hospital industry for in excess of two decades.

He has a unique wealth of experience in a range of services as evidenced by senior roles in:

  • The “For profit” and “Not for Profit” sectors;
  • International operations;
  • Overseen operations in acute, mental health and rehabilitation services; and
  • Managed both greenfield and well-established major sites.

The aforementioned breadth of experience has enabled Vincent to develop a capability in a multitude of scenarios. Vincent is therefore able to develop strategic pathways given market conditions, the phase of the business cycle in which your service is placed and/or identification of rectification strategies.

Vincent has a proven capability in business development and top line growth and employment of strategies to achieve these business imperatives. He is also well-versed in implementing systems of work that enhance cost control. Vincent also has a strong track record with regards to organisational health, including Health and Safety and a positive cultural environment.

Key achievements through the course of his career include:

  • Significant turnaround in qualitative and quantitative performance at Epworth Eastern;
  • The successful establishment of two new mental health services, i.e. Victoria Clinic and Epworth Clinic;
  • Took the Epworth Rehabilitation Division from a culture of Blame to Success in consecutive employee engagement services;
  • Grew EBITDA at Knox Private Hospital by $7 million in year 1;
  • Improved LTIFR at Knox from in excess of 22 to <10 in two years